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Pulse Therapy (PEMF)

Pulsed electromagnetic field device that improves blood flow, regenerates white blood cells and results in a much quicker healing and improved health benefits of the body.


Release the stress and strain off your body and reset back to your natural state of the structure.


Create and learn the proper diet for you while keeping your favorite foods in your plan.

Taking care of your health

Chiropractic Restructure Techniques

Non-manipulative procedures that are truly gentle for everyone. Whether you are post-surgical patients or patients suffering from disk herniation, sciatica, migraines, vertigo, acute neck, back pain. The techniques are an activator, intersegmental traction and interferential therapy.

Nutritional Diet Plans Overview

A six-week doctor-supervised program for weight loss that provides appetite suppressing nutritional drops and an eating program that does not require pre-packaged foods.

Pulse Enhancement Methods

PEMF Bio-rhythm 8 minute session that stimulates circulation to the smallest blood vessels and improves supply to and cleansing of the organ and tissue.


PEMF also provides metabolic support for increased performance, assists in energy saving warm up and cool down, therefore reducing the risk of sports injuries.

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